Artist Greg DePauw presents this unique program combining art instruction with a powerful message regarding his life's challenges and triumphs. The young artists will have a hands on art experience while learning to respect themselves and work with others. Students will be encouraged to dream, set goals and most importantly-become aware of the possibilities within each person! The Art Rod is a wonderful visual example of a goal achieved, and respect while working with others. Greg DePauw art lessons and the Art Rod combine to promote the "Can Do" attitude!

The workshop is designed to provide basic drawing and watercolor instruction at your site. The portable classroom includes all needed supplies, from art supplies to tables and chairs.

The drawing and watercolor instruction can be customized to fit your needs:

bullet     Basic One Day Workshop
bullet Students are introduced to four basic watercolor techniques and experiment with application
bullet     3 Day Experience Workshop
bullet More complex, and the possibilities are endless, as the completed work of art is as unique as the participants


Greg DePauw speaks of his challenges as a quadriplegic and the ways he has found to cope with life in a wheelchair. He will encourage you to grab onto your own dream and not let go! A slide presentation is also an option. Greg promotes the positive potential of people with or without disabilities. The size of your group and length of the program is up to you.


Meet Greg and the Art Rod. A short stop just to get acquainted. Greg will captivate you with the Art Rod and its story. He will encourage you to reach for a dream, against what ever the odds!

Contact Greg DePauw at the Art Rod Foundation, Inc. for available times and pricing information. 

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